Data Presentation to Client/Guest

Hi to all,

I am on ERPNext hosted server.
I would like to present Project and Order data to client.
Is there a way to make custom form to show Gantt chart and some selected information?
The information should be client specific - login required to prevent data exposure of other clients.

I have managed to show Projects and tasks but I cannot hide New task for website user.



As of now Gantt Chart is not accessible to the portal user (customer)

If you don’t want the project user to create a new Task, that should be configurable by role permissions on Task.

Is it on the roadmap to publish the gantt diagramm in the customer portal?

The customer often wants to see a timeline. And the graphical representation of the current gantt chart is very nice.
A nice to have if there is not much work to accomplish it.

Also is there an easy way to hide project tasks from customers?

Thank you