Data Reset for Free cloud user

I am using ERPnext’s free cloud service. As a beginer I would be running few dummy cycles. But once, after gaining the expertise, I’d like to start with a fresh instance.


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For actual entries, you can create fresh ERPNext account.

but for that, I’ll have to give up the sub domain which i have already selected. I wish to keep it and not change it


As rightly understood, new account will have another domain. We can help you keep the domain when subscribe for one of our subscription plan. fair enough? :slight_smile:

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So i create a free account, try it, and mess it by chance, then I start over again, mess it again, and start over… I might make 7-10 dummy trial accounts before i am completely setup. After that I wont be using those dummy accounts.

Will they be get deleted after some time of no-use??
or they’ll stay there as a garbage, forever??

Free account are auto-deleted if no user logs into it.

For the learning purpose, as per the standards, just one free account shall work for you.

Create a test account and do not use the subdomain you want to keep, a instance can work for you, then go to your real subdomain and use it for real work

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Hi, Im testing the ERP too, and I found that in The Setup you can create a New company and delete the testing company so you will be able to mantain the erpnext host you have

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ERPNext leave you mantaing more than one company but with diferent charts of account and accounting, but they will share the same base of Costumers, Items, and Providers, so you will need to clean the system for testing records before you can starting real job.

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