Data Storage Duration


Since Erpnext is designed for small-midsize businesses. I’m thinking it would be useful if it has option to manage duration of data storage.

Considering performance issue for long time usage, then I believe this option may help a lot.

I’m thinking something like:

  1. Option on Company where we can set year for how long the system will keep the data e.g. 5 years then when entering 6th year, 1st year data is automatically deleted.

  2. Manual delete button so user can decide when to delete with option e.g. keep last 5 years.

This way will help a lot on managing large scale of data due to long duration of usage so the performance is maintained.

The data to be deleted is transaction records only, not master data.

It’s just my suggestion to improve ERPNext.

Thank you

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Nice future,
One more addition, Instead of deleting data, keep backup or save it on another database server. This will help for data analysis.

Nice idea…