DATA synchronisation

Hello. This is my N’th post here on erpnext forum and i am starting to bore a lot of people but i would still like to contribute so here it is.
I have a situation that needs some ideas.
I am a tax professional and as such, i deal with clients with all sorts of books. Manual, to excel to tally to quickbooks to nothing.
In our office, for the clients we do books, we mostly use tally because it works like a horse on multiuser but one of the good things about tally is the ease of data handling and transportation. I can work on one tally, Copy the data file and start working on another instance and send that data to someone to check, then recieve the data back, overwrite the original data and everyone is happy.
This also makes backing up super easy as its just backing up folders.
ERPNEXT has backups. I know. But does ERPNEXT have data synchronization? I mean i am a tax consultant and if i set up erpnext at my clients premises, how difficult is it for me to get data monthly from the clients office, import into my machine, work on it and then send it back?
From my babysteps into the documentation, i dont think its possible. I might be wrong but is it as easy as copying a tally data folder and emailing that? what about restoration?
This is where i would like to propose a solution in the form of a paid service by erpnext. Essentially what TALLY .NET and now BUSY DATA PLATFORM does, erpnext would run a sync service where two instances of erpnext would be synchronized automatically because erpnext would act as an intermediary, shifting data from one side to another and possibly multiple places.
Think about one headoffice running their own instance and branches running their own instance and the erpnext sync option keeping data concurrent between them?
What’s the point of this if everything is online? First of all, not everyone wants to use a cloud provider when they have the infrastructure in place. Internet shortages are another but even if everything is online, how do you keep two instances in sync if they are hosted say in two locations. Head office with one provider and branch with another. From my understanding, ERPNEXT currents assumes you put all your eggs in one basket and trust either internet will always be there when you need it and also your backups will work. Redundancy is key here.
Plus, if i have worldwide business, it would be better to have local instances of my work so that its faster and other stuff. I do not know if this has been discussed before but i for one feel the need of this service because for one, this stuff already works brilliantly with the likes of tally and they have built a successful model over it so why cant this be replicated here. There were talks of sustaining the erpnext foundation with regular money flowing in and i believe this can be a good step in that direction. Again, it does not have to be compulsory or closed source. it can be free to be done DIY or one can pay erpnext to take care of the hassles.
I would love to discuss this more with anyone

sorry to nag … I am certain a little bit of formatting would enhance the readabillity of your post and likewise result into more feedback


ERPNext is a cloud application, there is no need for data synchronisation since application is centrally hosted on a cloud server and everybody else accesses it from their browser. In case you are going for on site hosting, still you can port forward your server and everyone can access it.

There is also Frappe Accounting which is a stand-alone application which is simpler and similar to that your used to.

The only problem is that it’s still being written :wink:
There is a Beta you can run even as a simple executable on Windows if you wish.

I would think it could still be another few months at least until a stable release is available though. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I believe it is more a topic for db then ERP. I will suggest go through following link

Tally does not use any db. It has a flat file. It has a lot of limitations when compared to a full industrial strength db. Security is one, simultaneous actions is another. That’s why I guess they try to keep a local copy and synchronize data to different files stored at different locations. Not a best of solutions in my opinion.

Does Frappe Acccounting synchronise to a ERPNext instance yet?

i am not suggesting stopping using a db for data. I am saying if i want to synchronize data, this is difficult on its own.
Here i want erpnext to have a online service that does this for me

i’m not sure you’re my point. I am fine with erpnext and its model. My problem starts if i want to share my running data with a third party who may or may not get access to my live instance. This is where two independent yet true copies of each other come into play.
Say i have a client running his instance on their premises. Short of going there or setting up ddns and port forwarding, is there a way to share data?
I dont think so. What would you do in this case? email the backup and then restore?