Data Update across Custom Fields in different doctypes

I have created a custom field “Fiscal Year” in Sales Order, Delivery Note, Sales Invoice and Payment. They are named exactly same in every doctype i.e. “FY” label and “FY” Name.

  1. When i create Sales Order, the FY is selected but when i use the sales order to create Delivery Note i have to again enter the FY as its not imported from sales order.
  2. When i create Sales Invoice, the FY is automatically brought forward from Delivery Note.
  3. When i create Payment from Sales Order, I again have to enter FY.

am i doing something wrong in settings? or am i missing some settings that can help carry the transport the entered data from sales order till end.

Please help!!!

Why dont you use the fiscal year from system fiscal year page. Its named year. This may help in eliminating the need of linking all doctypes.

Actually i am using this custom field in ‘naming series’ . this way these documents are serially numbered for each financial year.