Data view after the 2nd last or previous tab break

I am testing the tab break function in V14 frappe. This is how my data structure in a DocType is

Section break 1
Tab Break 1
Field 1
Field 2
Tab Break 2
Field 3
Field 4
Section break 2
Field 5
Field 6

So inside Section 1 I have two tabs. When I click Tab Break 2 I can see data fields 5 and beyond of section break 2. However, when I click Tab Break 1 all information in Section Break 2 and beyond is hidden. It only comes in view on clicking Tab break 2.

Basically, to view any information after tab break user has to click the last tab else nothing is displayed. Ideally, I should be able to view all information after the end of last tab break irrespective on of clicked tab break 1, 2 or any other.

I tried nested each tab break within a section break and some other changes that I can’t remember. However visually it remains as described above. Anyone who had success can share what they did to achieve

When on tab break 2

When on tab break 1

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