Database Access In Ubuntu

How can i see my database on my frappe-bench

Enter MariaDB shell using bench mysql or mysql -u root -p

Use bench mysql
it use the current site database,


as always from within the frappe-bench folder (cd /home/frappe/frappe-bench)

As mentioned above, there are several ways to access the MariaDB database, via terminal and command line.

If you’re looking for a GUI interface to the DB, there are many options. Here are ones I’ve had some success with:

  • phpMyAdmin - I feel this is your best long-term option. Since it’s a web server app, you can access from any platform. But you’ll need to install on your own web server. Not too hard if you’re running ERPNext already. It’s compatible with Nginx.

  • MySQL Workbench - Client tool. It can be buggy with MariaDB, and sometimes newer versions are semi-broken for a while. But it’s normally okay. Runs under Windows/Linux/Mac.

  • DBeaver - Client tool. I’ve had some success with this. But some broken versions too.

  • HeidiSQL - Client tool, Windows Only. :frowning: But it did a good job on Windows.

There are some paid options too (Navicat, dbForge Studio). But I have not paid and tried them yet.

Another java based tool is SquirrelSQL [1], opensource too. I’m using heidisql (i’m on windows) for mysql/mariadb and dbeaber for postgres.