Database backup is partial and not full in size

The data is not fully backed up. We have edited the crontab to take one backup for a day. It’s taking backup at correct time but for some reason the backup is cut at the middle. It is supposed to be 1GB(sql.gz file) but the back up is 14MB(sql.gz file) only. If I restore this into database only few tables are uploaded. Any idea why many tables are not backed up? This happens all the day

:thinking: . Not enough information here really to help you.

  • Are you using the built-in backup function of ERPNext? If not, then what?
  • Are you running some custom backup command? If so, please detail it.
  • Are you saving the backup to the standard ERPNext backup location?
  • What version of ERPNext are you running?
  • Is this a self installed server or are you on Frappe Cloud?
  • What does your crontab entry look like? (If you share this please sanatize any specifics to your server names)

Please add some details so we can better understand what is going on.

BKM :nerd_face:

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