Database backup strange size

I have noticed that the database backups created by erpnext in private/backups/ are now only 12mb, while the backups before used to be around 180mb. I am worried something must have happened to the database. The site itself works and runs fine. Can someone please help me diagnose this issue?

Can you take the backup using bench command and verify the size of the fresh backup?

bench --site backup

check the size of .sql file.

You can manually take backup of the site db and verify the size with the backup taken using bench command.

mysqldump -h{db_host} -uroot -p{db_root_password} _db_name > verify-db.sql

Also check the version of frappe (v13.24.0) and bench (v5.8.1)

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I am facing the same issue. How did you manage to resolve this?

@Jefferson_D Have you tried the ‘myslqdump’ command in the example shown above by @revant_one ?

Run that command and then compare the resulting size to the one being run by the system automatically.