Database or site_config.json may be corrupted when updating from v12 to v13


I have ERPNext version 12 and tried to upgrade to version 13.

I ran command bench switch-to-branch version-13 frappe erpnext --upgrade and it worked. Then, I ran bench update --patch but this error occured:

[root@node4037 erpnext]# bench update --patch
WARN: bench is installed in editable mode!

This is not the recommended mode of installation for production. Instead, install the package from PyPI with: `pip install frappe-bench`

Backing up sites...
Backup failed for Site Database or site_config.json may be corrupted
INFO: A newer version of bench is available: 5.2.1 → 5.5.0
[root@node4037 erpnext]# 

What may be happening? Database is right and site_config.json has the same content as before, when site worked.

Now, when connecting to the site, an “Internal Server Error” error is shown.


Maybe try to update the bench first?

sudo pip3 install --upgrade frappe-bench

I have done it already

Because there is still this line in your terminal:

Do bench --version to see the version.

Version is now 5.5 and the same happened.

I’m sorry I can’t of any further help because I’m not on v13 yet.
Last suggestion from me is to examine the logs in the bench/logs folder. There are logs for bench, web, frappe, etc. Maybe you can find anything there showing what is wrong.

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