Database size is 1 GB

We started to use erpnext 6 months ago.when we take database backup, zip file size is 325 MB and when extract 1GB.We created custom app for our company and it normal to have the database size around 1 GB within 6 months?

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It depends on your usage and your data structures. It sounds like you use ERPNext heavily. In that case 1GB is not surprising at all. In 2017, 1GB for 6 months of data is almost nothing.

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Thank you @felix


Am interested in knowing the volume of data/transaction that led to this in 6 months.

If it is possible I would like to know

Number of Items created
Number of employees/users
Daily Average number of transactions

Would also like to know the server specs you are using.

Thank you

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800 items
15 employees
200 transaction per day

aws ec2 2gb ram

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thank you

I have same case in one ERPNext instance.
When I checked this, I found client is using email feature and in email he is attaching images.
So db size is increased a lot due to attachments.