Databse Backup and Replication

Hi Everyone,

Can anyone tell me that how to backup on Ubuntu 16 Server?

Is replication is available in erpnext just in case i want to setup the DR Site?

Hello @alizohaib,

You can used bench backup command for backup your site and bench restore command use for database restore.

For example:
bench --site --force restore /home/serpentcs/workspace/erpnext/frappe-bench/sites/


i have a vm production installed on it running buntu server 16 how can i backup on host os kindly help as vm can be corrupt so i can move the erp on new vm

Have you checked dropbox integration option?

There are plenty of threads on the topic of back up. Maybe search the forum first?

And certainly get back to us once you have exhausted our suggestions :slight_smile:


What is meant by “DR site”??


And if you have a corrupt image please post whatever details you can

Doctor? Dear? Data Recovery? Just guessing! :slight_smile:

Disaster Recovery is my guess - the biz plan to return from a catastrophic situation.

For eg staff must work from home.

Now with the cloud, DR is the service provider’s problem I suppose.