Datatable dynamicRowHeight

Hi !

I’m trying to customize a report using datatable wherein cells can have different heights
I’ve declared the table with dynamicRowHeight on and disabled cellHeight as followed

get_datatable_options(options) {
		delete options['cellHeight']
		// change datatable options
		return Object.assign(options, {
			dynamicRowHeight: true,
			checkboxColumn: true,

The result is not what i expected, as you can see in screenshot, all rows have the same height and some content is hidden

Here is a screenshot of full content (I forced the row height to show it)

Is this normal behaviour ? How could I get a dynamic row height depending on each row content ?

Thanks !

New info, I tested dynamicRowHeight in Frappe Datatable fiddle, and it works like a charm

so it looks like it’s an integration issue with Erpnext (maybe a conflict with former report js lib ?)

For now I added a css hack, but it’s not a long term solution
for those interested, here it is
.dt-row {
position: relative !important;
top: auto !important;

It does does nothing for the global report height though… and scrolling down long list is downright impossible.

If someone is struggling with this too, please come and share !

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Confirmed not working with latest V12.

I also ran into this same problem, could anyone give any advices on how to adjust the report table grid height to display all the contents? Thanks

what are the things i need to install to code?

I am having trouble with this as well. I tried something similar to your fix, but the javascript to build the table during scroll fails after about 70 rows or so. The missing rows can be discovered by filtering, but otherwise they’re simply gone.