Date equals 'Today' filter for Daily Reports


Could we have an option for ‘Date = Today’ in filters? The idea is that the date in such a filter would always automatically update to the current date. This way, daily reports (e.g. Daily Sales Register) can easily be created with the report builder by adding such a filter



use a default:


“fieldname”: “date”,
“default”: date.get_today()

Hi @max_morais_dmm

Thanks for your response but what I’m asking is for this to be a standard option in the filter when selecting a date field

I’m not sure how your suggested script fits into this


I agree. We run daily check deposits and we always have to filter to today’s date. Would be great if there was the option to have it always show “Today” whatever that is.

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Hello Wale,
Have you found a way around this?

Hi @tiwiex

Nah, not yet

Kind regards,

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@wale i think you’ve to create a query report for this.

Try this


tabSales Order.transaction_date =CURDATE()

Try to use DATE filter with NEXT; select any of week, month…etc