Date format in XLSX

I have some trouble in uploading excel sheet into DocType due to date formating . Can you please tell me what would be the right formating for windows setting and excel cell format

Can you share a screenshot of the error message on data import? Also, what version of Frappe/ERPNext are you on?

Use the same format as per the System Settings for the date. Also, always best to create a record manually and then export it as reference.

Since you’re using Excel in Windows try the following:

  1. remove the date formatting from the column. The default date formatting of Excel tends to mes things up sometimes.
  2. Try converting it to a CSV file and upload it.

Do let us know if any of the suggestions work out

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Kenneth is (obviously) right - CSV works much better

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This date format looks like a datetime. Can you remove the timestamp from your data and just try to import the date part of it? Switch to yyyy-mm-dd but without the hh:mm:ss part of it?

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Can I ignore WARNINGS

What kind of warnings?

Also @welihayes is right here. The Excel format has the column with date and time. I suggest removing the formatting of the date column in Excel and re-entering the dates.

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Right …! I have done thank you