Date picker in 8.0.3

The date picker is acting very strange for me in firefox after upgrade. I am in GL report and trying to pick a date and nothing cooperates.

Console log shows lots of errors

update - seems to only be misbehaving on GL and Trial Balance reports. Other places it seems to work fine.

same error for me UTC Errors V8 - Stock Ledger and Accouting Ledger Reports

@James_Robertson I have update my system to v8.0.3 and the GL seems to be working fine, are you sure your upgrade was seamless, just run

bench update --no-backup once again see if it resolves the issue, you could also try to do a clear cache of the browser.

No, that does not help. I get same behavior in FF and in Chrome.

hello @James_Robertson can you try this too? to confirm the error its a time zone related problem UTC Errors V8 - Stock Ledger and Accouting Ledger Reports · Issue #8244 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Timezone on server is UTC. Timezone on my laptop is US/Chicago. Not sure what I need to change.

the time zone in your laptop change it to utc just to test. also reload the browser after.

Ok works for me now with my laptop set to utc.