Date Range from Monthly Attendance Sheet

Hi Good Day, in monthly attendance report you can only select via month i want to have a date range like from date and to date how can i achieve this via custom script? i dont want to modify the py, js or json files.


Hi @yhenn, did you manage to get this done?

You have to create another script report based on orginal report.

any luck guys

goto attendance list > Click on mark attendance > select employees > select the date range
Mark attendance

buddy thanks for replying but the question is totally different from what u have answered.
we are talking about monthly attendence sheet.

if u go to monthly attendence sheet u can only see it month wise… u cannot slect a custom date range…

many organizations have salary periods or attendance monthly from 20 to next month 19 , or 26-25 … erpnext only shows monthly data form 1-30… how to see custom… date range data wirh summary view…

In V14 i managed it via script report using filters

when you’re creating payroll, what if you select 20/5/2022 - 19/6/2022 as date range? and validate attendance for that iven date range?

no buddy thats payroll… its doesnt have summary view also no datewise attendence…

great will it work in v13 ? and shall i use the same filters too ?

can u pls share the script buddy, pls pls pls…