Date time used by ERPNext. From Server or user computer

I have set up date time on my server to my local time. NTP is also on. What I would like to understand is that when any document is submitted by user does ERPNext uses server time or does it rely on user computer time. I want to ensure that no matter what date time is set on user computer, submission time will be server time. This is important for me as I am developing a voucher coupon with limited hours of usage. It will be issued by ERPNext and accepted by 3rd party suppliers who will give items of value mentioned in coupon free of cost.

The 3rd party suppliers will have access to ERPNext with need to have permission only. They will scan the barcode on ERPNext doctype which will validate that coupon has not passed its expiry hours. Once validated ERPNext will accept the coupon and mark it as used. Barcode will be unique per coupon. There will be good amount of financial cost to my customer who will be the issuer. The 3rd party will bill the amount back to my client for payment.

I want to ensure that the 3rd party suppliers don’t find a way of back timing their computers, browser etc when customer comes after expiry of the coupon to make ERPNext accept the expired coupon. No one has access to the server or user settings.

I have seen software that don’t have their own time tracking mechanism and rely on user computer to get date and time. My personal feel is that ERPNext uses server time. Would love to have this confirmed.

Hi @Muzzy

I had a similar situation a year ago and I found that the SERVER TIME is the only thing that is used for all transaction recording.

Even more important is to make sure the time zone is set properly. At the time I was only setting the time zone from the ERPNext Settings and not at the server level. This had me running in circles for a while as I worked through everything.

Hope this helps.


**EDIT - If you wanted to test this for yourself, just change the time zone setting of your own PC to some zone on the other side of the world. Then login and create a sales invoice. The new sales invoice will have the date and time stamp of the server and NOT your crazy PC time.


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Thank you @bkm as a standard practice I always set thr server date time to my local before installation of ERPNext.