Date = Today or yesterday in reports

Looking at our Item price report I have it configured to show date last changed, and who changed it.

Is there a way of making the date say “yesterday”?

If there is then I can set up an auto email to email the report to people only when there has been a price change

@Ron_Taylor - Currently, one cannot send Report when price is changed. But, it is possible to send the record (for example “Item Price” in this case) when it is changed. Let me know if it would serve the purpose, and further help required.

Thanks for the reply. How would I do that?

Please see following screen shots.

If you want to have document (Record) as an attachment, tick on field shown below.

Oh that looks good. I will have a play

what does “owner” mean in the recipient list?

Loving this feature :slight_smile:

I think I can use it to inform production / purchasing when stock levels are low

Using conditions like this

You can see that uses safety_stock but really it needs to be :slight_smile:

Is that possible? I can’t see the fields thouogh

Owner means “Creator” of document.

@Ron_Taylor - This is very useful feature indeed.

As far as informing for “stock going below reorder level”, it automatically creates “Material Request”, when stock goes below reorder level. You may create alert when New Material Request is created alternatively.

The problem with the Material Request is that it can only be accessed one a day after the system creates it - at midnight. So we are looking for a way to inform production of a shortage as soon as the order is made.

Hi @Ron_Taylor! You can definitely use Email Alerts for this kind of situation! I have 2 suggestions.

  1. I suggest you create a validation that checks every time you do delivery if the item is under re-order level. Then you can use a trigger like a custom check box field within your Delivery Note Item doctype that will tell you it is already for ordering. Then you use that for your condition in the Email Alerts.

  2. Since you don’t prefer the automatic creation of the Material Request as mentioned by @Deven_Shah, you can actually modify this one. You trace the code for this and copy it under you app and call in in hooks. Put in under “scheduler_events” in “all”. This way, it will always check every 3 minutes. Thus, when re-order level is reach, it will automatically creates the Material request without waiting for the next day.

Hope this helps!

Two great ideas, but :wink:

  1. Are the possible of erpnext cloud hosted option as we do not have access to many aspects?
  2. If the answer to 1) is yes then can you explain further as I would not have a clue where to start

Hi @Ron_Taylor! Do you have access with your Python scripts under your custom App? You can make changes there. :slight_smile: As on how to create Pyhton scripts, you can see a lot of examples here in some of the discussions. As for the information about hooks, you can see this link here under Scheduler Events

Hope this helps!

I don’t think we can use custom apps with cloud hosted solutions