Datebase restore from version 10 to 12 production


Currently we are using ErpNext version 10.1.74,We want to upgrade to version 12.

I’ve follow the below procedure to restore the database to version 12 but failed with pymysql.err.ProgrammingError: (1146, "Table ‘_7ab26d3dbc729461.tabSingles’ doesn’t exist

I’ve followed the below process to upgrade the system to version 12.

  1. Create new instance with version 12 installed.
  2. create new site with same name as previous V10.
  3. take backup from the old instance.
  4. restore the backups with the command bench --site --force restore .

restore failed with the error tabSingle doesn’t exist.

if anyone recently upgrade to V12 Kindly help with the correct procedure to upgrade the system from V10 to V12. How to solve this type of errors .