DatePicker change

Hi All,
I want to make some Change in Date Picker but I dont know really where is the datepicker .js File ?
plz give me some information about datepicker that used in erpnext

What changes? If any issue or feature required you can create GitHub issue for that.

Check control.js

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actually i want change datepicker from georgian to hijri and i searched forum but i didnt found anything useful

There is a job Hope this will integrate with erpnext soon.

You can change the date in control date.js, i just converted the front view to ethiopian date picker on the backend handled by Gregorian and saved to the database. change it from JS file

@Chimsa_Bekele could you share your code so we can contribute this to Hijri calendar :slightly_smiling_face:

Hii Chimsa. Can you please share with me your solution for Ethiopian Calender?