Daylight Savings Time

In our time zone, we moved our clocks back 1 hour on Nov. 1.
ERPNext seems to have shifted all time log entries prior to Nov. 1 back by one hour from what was originally entered. It will also shift a user’s time log hours back as they are entering details for hours prior to Nov.1 after they save a time log.

Just wanted to highlight this potential bug.

This is unlikely! Are the from a different time-zone, maybe you may be just seeing them different.

This is happening with all of our users. We are all in the same Pacific time zone.
This is a typical week for time entry.

This is what last week turned into after the time zone change on Sunday.

System settings:

The data has not changed for sure, its the calendar widget that seems to automatically adjust.

@anand can you look into it sometime next week?

Yes. Will fix it next week.

@Kody_Baker Thanks for reporting this. We have a fix for this: [fix] conversion of datetime to user's timezone by anandpdoshi · Pull Request #1398 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

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