DB transfer from image to source Version

Can i restore DB from image version 6.27 to Source 7+ version? If it possible please give me a detail.

restore the database on a site and run bench update

How can I restore DB? Please give me the proccess

bench restore SQL_FILE_PATH

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can u give me detail command?

just go to bench folder and run the above command. Replace the SQL_FILE_PATH with path to your sql backup file (the backup file having extension .sql )

But how can i take backup in image install erp. give this command please

bench backup --with-files

the backup files are stores under site/private/backup

you probably mean restore the db on a system with the same underlying running version ( 6.27 in the example here) and then update the new system to a new version, right?

how exact do the version have to be equal? I mean if I had a db from a 7.1.1 could I restore that on a 7.1.2 system i.e?

@Vrms not necessary the same version. its when you run bench migrate that the patches run. In case the patches break then you need to fix them. A db from 7.1.1 can be restored on 7.1.2 without much issues.

In this case he can restore the 6.27 DB in 7.1.2 directly and run bench migrate. Not sure if anything will break though.