DD/MM/YYYY format error when i am selecting current date as default

I am facing below error while selecting current date as default value in date field.
but date is already in required format.
kindly advise.


This is the only message you get when saving?

Did you try using the date picker again and selecting “Today”?

if you made changes, try to reload from browser (F5) or (Cmd + R on Mac).

Yes I’ve, same.

I’ve reloaded browser many times but same issue.
I’ve also tried ctrl+shift+r

@kennethsequeira @philip it is working fine when i am remove “Mandatory” and “Bold” mark in date field.
but i want dual functions, it should be mandatory and also pick current date automatically.

When I KEY 01-01-2099 at Default, it show the same error.

When I reversed to 2099-01-01 at Default, the problem solved.