Deactivate HUB Feature


I noticed that when I create a new item the setting for publishing it to the HUB is activated by default How can I deactivate this?

Up! I would also like to default “Publish to Hub” to false, and eventually to completely remove the Hub module.
In my opinion this should be an optional feature and users should be advised that some data may be transmitted somewhere.


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Even though the Publish is Hub is activated by default, your items are not published unless you register on Hub itself. In your Hub Settings, if it is disabled you have nothing to worry about.


I agree that it’s a little worrying and misleading to show the checkbox as ‘enabled’ for publish to hub, even if hub is not set up. It would also be nice to have a ‘disable hub’ or ‘remove hub’ module available. At the very least, perhaps, if hub is not set up - and by default - set the checkbox to be dis-abled/not checked.

You can hide it by customizing the “item” doctype (/desk#Form/Customize%20Form)

Look for the “Hub Publishing Details” section, edit it as select “hidden”. Save the form and check, it will now show again.


As with other people, I am a little shocked that this was considered an acceptable default option (in fact a forced default option!), and sets a rather worrying precedent. This was raised at least three years ago, and does not seem to have been fixed. This remains a potential security risk, no matter how many other decisions have to be made subsequent to it before critical, confidential business data is leaked out of ERPNext. Defence in depth means options like this should always be disabled by default. It would be far to easy to see the hub options appear, sign up and not realise this means leaking all your business data to the cloud.

Frankly, it puts into question (hopefully unfairly) the security of the rest of ERPNext.

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