Deadlinks on "improve this page" in online manual

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sorry, my bad. I was talking about the link at the bottom of the help page poppping up (Improve this page)

and this ist still a deadlink (eventhough a help article shows, just not the current one)

example: Installation Note … when you click on improve this page link you are send to (which is the outdated location)

ERPNext documentation has been moved to erpnext_org repository. Here is the link.

yes, I know.

My point is … when you click on the “improve this page” button at the bottom of an online help article you are being send to the old location. So there is a deadlink at the bottom of help articles.

So, a user who wants to contribute the documentation can’t do it without digging deep into the matter (which is not what our goal is)

If someone can tell me where those deadlinks can be fixed, I’ll do it. I just can’t find it in the erpnext code

So this issue is occurring inside the ERPNext instance and not on the user manual on as originally thought.

@kennethsequeira @umair can u provide this info (where those links can be found), so I may be able to fix them?

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fix pushed: Update in-app Docs Generation by kennethsequeira · Pull Request #6281 · frappe/frappe · GitHub


The link is incorrect. I wish to correct some of the grammar as I am going through the documentation for an installation. Can’t seem to find where to help.