Dealers and agents


I am using ERPN for my own company. However, translating the business process into the application is really the hardest part.

We are selling our product via dealers and agents. Dealers will buy their stock from us and they will sell the stock to their own agents. Agents will sell to the end consumers. We do not sell directly to end consumers.

I want end the Excel record practise and replace it with ERPN. Currently, this is what i want to do:

  1. I want to record all the Dealers info such as Name, Address, Phone, Email

  2. I want to record all the Agents info such as Name, Address, Phone, Email as well. But I want when I click a Dealer info, I can see list of Agents this Dealer has. When I click an Agent info, I can see the Agent is under which Dealer.

For now, I want to translate this first into ERPN. I did something but maybe something wrong somewhere. So here what I did:

  • Under Setup > Customer Group, I added 2 new customer Group, Dealer and Agent. Initially, I created Dealer as group node, so I can add Agent as a child for Dealer (am i right?), but when I created new Customer, the Customer Group option only show Agent, I cannot add it as a Dealer

  • I added one record for testing. Everything is fine. Now I want to add an agent record under this Dealer, I saw I can add Contact for this Customer (Dealer). So I add, but it was saved as Contact.

  • Next I try to add as new Customer and choose Agent for Customer Group. Ok now, the record is for the Agent, but how can I see this agent is under the Dealer that I key in earlier? How to achieve it?

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Anyone can help me on this?

@blackfriday there is no easy answer

Try using custom fields instead of customer group

  1. In customer add a custom field if your customer is a dealer or agent
  2. Add another custom field “Main Dealer” (or something) and link it to customer

This way you can keep a track of dealers and their agents. You can make a few custom reports for this data.

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@rmehta, do you mean I have to create 2 custom fields?