Dear Im trying install ERPNext using this instruction but i see this error i was installed many time ERPNext unfortuanily last few month ago i tired to facing this issue


Has it been tried as a non-root user?

chmod 777 path/to/file ( allow folder permission { /usr/lib})
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y
sudo apt install git make
sudo apt install git libffi-dev python3-pip python3-minimal build-essential python3-distutils python3-setuptools libssl-dev wkhtmltopdf python3-testresources
sudo adduser frappe
sudo usermod -aG sudo frappe
su - frappe
sudo wget
export LC_ALL=C.UTF-8
sudo python3 --verbose --production --frappe-branch version-13 --erpnext-branch version-13 --user frappe
pip3 install --upgrade frappe-bench

sudo bench setup production frappe
sudo supervisorctl restart all

I’m trying to install ERP Next its getting error

@Anzar_Ahmad I did manual install V13 on my VM Ubuntu 20.04 just now to check if everything works fine. The installation was 100% successful. I could share the steps if required.