Debit Note...Return of goods

Purchases always with the workflow PO>GRN>Bill>Payment.
Part of the goods were not good, returned to supplier, received a credit note and funds in my account

Opened the original invoice, made debit note, ticked update stock and paid.

Now it seems that the stock cannot be update…
What is the correct procedure…???Checked manual but could not find it…

… Opened the Purchase receipt and made a return…

Note that I could not save the debit note operation so am surprised to see this

Now checked the stock ledger… No returns just purchase and sales…

I fully refreshed the system…tried again…result the same…
All a bit confusing or a bug


In the Debit Note, since you also checked “Update Stock” it also did the function of Purchase Receipt Return entry. Were you able to submit Purchase Invoice?

Error in the Purchase Receipt indicates that return entry has been made, either via Purchase Invoice or Purchase Receipt.

Correct process would be this.

  1. Create Purchase Return entry against Purchase Receipt.
  2. Create Debit Note (without checking Update Stock field) from Purchase Invoice.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Rgds Robert

In the Debit Note, since you also checked “Update Stock” it also did the function of Purchase Receipt Return entry.

yes that seemed logical, also clicked “paid” …What is the meaning of this??? The original PInv is paid, or the return ???

In the Return entry, Is Paid should not be checked.

BUT…it does not work…None of my attempts to return to supplier (debit not or sales return) have been saved of submitted, …The stock ledger shows this…(last screenshot) Still when trying to create a sales return under Receipt the message comes and cannot save…See one but last screenshot

Since this issue is related to data in your ERPNext account, better we further discuss it over support. Please report this on with following details.

  1. Purchase Receipt and Purchase Invoice against which return is to be processed.
  2. Return Item Code
  3. Qty

Thank You Sir… One more Doubt … I created one quotation and to sen to one party … Now I need to edit the existing Quotation and would like to resent to the same party . Is it possible or not ? I tried but i dint found that option

Sir , I received one Credit note from the supplier . Its a rebate . So how can i pass the debit note and adjust against the invoice…

Hi we have similar problem with latest update version of erpnext 11 in production envlirmeng. We create credit notes from credit note tab ,the amount is not affecting in that particular customer ledger and stock item .also we are not able to generate one credit note against multiple invoices ,kindly help

Also we have problem with advance payments and receipts, we can only make advance payments and receipts by journal entry , and if we want to adjust that particular advance payment while making payment entry it is not visible there .

Can u advise correct method to do it