Debit note - Special case (accounting advice)

Good evening all,

I have a bit of situation that I like to solve in ERPNext.
I make daily transaction with supplier A. I made all my Purchase Receipt (GRN), then all my Purchase Invoice related to these PR. then finally I used the Payment tool to pay all these Purchase Invoice: I make a wire from our account to our supplier account.

Now I was arguing with the supplier about 2 invoices as the quality was not as good as expected. After I paid everything, he agree to give me let’s $100 on the first invoice and $200 on the second invoice. This come as a credit to our account.

Now how do I go about that with ERPNext? I am a bit confused on how to do it… Basically it is just a price difference debit note (as there is no change in quantity)

Thanks in advance for your insights and help.


You can issue debit note against purchase invoices via Journal Voucher. It will deduct your payable account

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you could make a copy of the SINV, mark it a “Is Debit Note” and reduce the price/pc so that in the TOTAL you get the sum that is credited (or debited?) to you.

Another approach … create a new item [Supplier name debit] and put that 1 x in the debit note with the price of the total reduction.

Not 100% sure whether any of those stands in court of international accounting practices though, but practically it should work.