Debit Note to Supplier for Goods Sold as samples to Customers

Hi, Can anyone help understand best way to model following scenario?

  1. A ‘Company’ in ERPNext is a distributor
  2. Company purchases goods from the Supplier (Brand organization)
  3. Company sells goods to Customers
  4. Some goods are sold as Samples. Customers are not charged for the same.
  5. Instead Supplier (Brand organization) will pay for the samples sold by company to customers in the form of credit note.

We are required to generate ‘DEBIT Note’ for all the Sample Orders delivered to Customers. The debit note will go to supplier which will in turn give us credit note which can be adjusted in the payment to be made to the supplier.

Is there any way to create debit note from sales invoices in ERPNext? One consolidate debit note has to be created for all the sample invoices.

I am not good at it but you have one option as:

1 - make sales invoice for the samples given to you the customer

2 - make purchase invoice for the replacement samples you received from your supplier for the samples.

3 - make journal entry from supplier to the customer directly.

4 - like this your supplier samples invoice and you customer samples invoice will get settled.