Debit To account must be a Balance Sheet account (error message)

I have created a sales order for a service item (not stocked), but when I try to invoice it, I get the error Debit To account must be a Balance Sheet account / Did not save.

I performed this same type of sale for the same item to the same customer in the prior month without getting the error, and don’t believe that I made any changes in the meantime. This is a service item, and I probably should not have posted a Delivery, should I have? I performed a similar sale to another customer after running into this issue, this time without posting the Delivery and did not get the error and I was able to Invoice that transaction.

I also tried to Cancel the sales order that is giving me the error by doing a return Delivery Note, but I get the error that the warehouse is mandatory. Two things: It’s a service item, so there is no warehouse on the sale. I can’t find a place to populate that value so I can try to get past it.

Please help me with some direction to get out of the trouble I’m in with the sales order I can’t seem to invoice or return/cancel.

Thank you,

  1. In your Item Master , make sure you have “maintain stock” unchecked and “is purchase item” unchecked
  2. Check the “Accounting Details” section in your “Customer” master. Make sure you have accounting details set up.Also, ensure that the account selected here is a Balance sheet account as per chart of accounts set up
  3. After this if you still are having the issue, please send the screen shots of your account,item,customer set up

Thank you for that fast feedback! It turns out that there was a debit account configured on the customer that should not have been. I removed that so it would go to the default Debtors account, manually updated the same for the transaction and then the invoice posted successfully. Thank you!