Debug ERPNext Save

How do you debug or find relevant code in ERPNext project?

Here I set the Batch in Subcontracting Receipt but something erases it when saving.

How can I find the relevant code?

@TurkerTunali recently ERPNext introduced the “Recorder” you can find it on the global search with administrator!

It help me a lot in tracedown function calls and SQL effects of those calls!

Also, something that exists since I’m using ERPNext (2012 more or less) is logging: 2, if you add that key on the site_config.json, the system become really verbose, and you can trace a lot of details.

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Recorder is quite handy but this time it just generates a lot of unnecessary code.

Recorder and log tools are external tools to find the cause. Since we have the code, we can have a proper setup I think.

Do you have a development setup available? I’ve always found the VS Code debugger toolchain extremely useful:

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Thank you. I’ve tried that several times but this time it just work.

So, I’ve found the guilty code fix: zero rm-cost in SCR by s-aga-r · Pull Request #33651 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

And I’ve created an issue.