DEBUGGING frappe erpnext custom development with PyCharm or any tool

Can anyone please share experiences for a successful debugging setup on Ubuntu 18.4.03, python3, mariadb environment with version-12?

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It is not clear enough and simply does not work. Was anyone in the history able to apply this as it is written and get debugging going?

Maybe be clear with what you did or tried that did not work, then folks in the know can respond to help you?

I am using Visual Code remote debugging.

Can you please explain how? I have a develop system installed with Easy Install on Ubuntu 18. It is a vanilla setup now. No custom apps installed. the bench command is under ~/bench

I use eclipse as my IDE, and installed the PyDev plugin. I started the debug server, and used remote debugging, and was able to break step through code and have full access to the debug tools.

I had to add code to enable the debug.

Honoring @clarkej … I’ve been able to successfully configure PyCharm to break and debug the developments… Please find attached the configuration for version-14 on an Ubuntu 22.04LTS

Don’t forget to modify your Procfile ! Comment out the line with web: bench serve --port 8000