Decide of setting to do

i learned, that if i assign an issue or task to myself or another employee, there is automatically a new “to to”.
This is a fixed automatic solution? Or do i have a chance to decide (in the window where i set the emplyee detais i can manually set the e-mail - but e.g. not the to do.

Or is there another switch in the setup area to change this?


Yes, this is default functionality.


OK thanks.
Actually we hav only one e-mail-account for the whole system.

Is this “to do” (where acutally all new infos are coming in) showing “to dos” only for one employee, if we set up an individual mail adress for every employee?
This means, that there are alwys olnly thos “to dos” inside which are for this one employee?
Thanks for explanaition

Not understood. What is your use case? You can assign any document to any user (Email) irrespective of an employee.

the problem is, that every new task or issue is automatically a new item in “to do”, if the task or issue is assigned to an amployee.
Now everybody can see a mass of things in to do.

on top it is difficult to handle. if one employee is saying "yes, ok, i have a new “to do” he can go inside the todo and close it.
but, if this is a task or issue (button with task-nummer on right top) he needs to find the to do again (in all closed to do´s) to find this button again and to switch to the taks.

on other hand, e.g. the employee stwitches to the task after first read of the “to do”, the to do is still open and he needs to come back again to close it.

this solution is poor.

and my question was: is it possible to set up, that a new to to with the assigning the task to an employee will not automatically will not start. only if i have a checkbox (like e-mail)

Better undestood?