Decimal appear when printing


I created custom print format. For amount I use this {{ '{0:,}'.format(row.amount,'') }} so it shows something like this 123,456,789. No decimal on print view, exactly like I want. But when clicked print, it showed decimal → 123,456,789.0

It happens to all numbers like unit…not just amount.

Can anybody help?


{{ '{:.0f}'.format(row.debit,'') }} this will print 123456789
i.e number with No decimal places

Sorry, I didn’t find out “,” formating (i.e. 123,456,789)
I will post answer when I find out.

This will format correctly 123,456,789

{{ '{:20,.0f}'.format(row.debit,'') }}


I want to print using dot separator instead of comma. Something like 123.456.789…

Thanks for help