Decimal Places in Report (Daily Time Log Summary

Hi Everyone,

I noticed that the hours and total hours in the report are having much number of decimal places.

First of all, I tried to do it via customization form as you said, but it didn’t change the precision in the report.
Actually the precision in the field itself is 3 whereas the report is having more precision it is due to the precision is 6 in database field.

One alternate is that, I alter the table tabTime Log and set its decimal place to 2.
Just wanted to know, is there any harm/impact of it, other than this.

Also, what is the other way to do it. If the other way is to update script then, also please tell me the steps to commit the changes done in the script.

Ruchin Sharma

I was not able to replicate this. Could be due to a bug, maybe report this on GitHub