Decimal Places Issues

Need help
I want to use 3 decimal place

sales invoice, purchase invoice, journal


Based on the below settings in System Settings, you should be able to get 3 decimal places.

I don’t know, I can’t get it

version 12.9.4

Hi santhida,

When the global float precision does not work (and it hasn’t worked for me in a few instance either), you have to go to Setup>Customize Form and set the float precision at each field level. Yes, it is very tedious, but till somebody fixes it, there is no other approach that I know.

Hope this helps.



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let me try thanks

Can you help me one thing?
How to set float precision at child table?
I want to set float precision at Sales Invoice for Item Rate and amount.

Go to Customize Form > Search for “Sales Invoice Item”, search for rate and amount row. Expand each row and set the precision as shown below:

Hope this helps.

got it