Decimal problems


This is mahaveer Somani from GCKC. as we do not take credit of Vat so we
have to take the whole value of material including VAT and other taxes in
our purchase cost.

so my query is that.

1. Please check the attached file.
2. now i want to make a new purchase receipt from this file therefore i
written 4002 qnty in Accepted and Received Qty field. then after i
calculated price list rate like this: (392166/4002) = 97.9925037481.

case -1 if i written price list rate = 97.9925037481 then this field accept
rate = 97.99 only.
and i will get the amount = 392155.98
case-2 If i written price list rate = 98 then i will get the amount = 392196

so in the both cases i dont want to make rounded off ledger with the
difference amount as you know that rounded off ledger is created for less
than 1 rupee.

in simply i want to get my value 392166 and the qty 4002. how can i get it?

or in other way i want to get more than 2 decimal after points.

Please resolve this query as soon as possible becoz my all purchase
receipts and purchase invoices are pending since starting of the year 2013

i hope you understand better. further if there is any pendency in query
then feel free to ask.

CA Mahaveer Somani.



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