Decoupling Frappe v ERPNext


Recently I seen a few Announcements that separating some modules into separated apps.

I wonder if there is a plan to decouple Frappe - ERPnext, so like Frappe v13 can be used for ERPNext v12


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Hi @SubhajitDey,

Interfaces might change between major versions so it will probably never be possible to use ERPNext v13 with Frappe v12 or similar configurations.

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ERPNext and Frappe are developed in parallel, so its not likely in the visible future. Many changes in Frappe are inspired from ERPNext


Thanks for your quick reply @rmeyer & @rmehta.

So am I right to assume the release mechanism is remains the same, despite Frappe & ERPNext is going to be separated into smaller apps(Frappe Chat, e-Commerce, Healthcare, etc.) ?

For example, if Frappe is updated from v01 to v02, the other apps must be upgraded as well to comply with Frappe v02


Think of it as a dependency. Newer versions of ERPNext (and other apps) are designed to take advantage of new features in the framework. The version numbers are kept in sync as a convenience.

Allowing compatibility across mismatched versions would be a huge amount of work for very little benefit. You’ve got it from the head man himself that decoupling is not likely anytime in the future.

Noted @peterg