Decrease the number of Backups

Hello community. One of our self-hosted ERPNext (v13) instance has grown into a huge database. And when it does its backup, it often actually makes the site unreachable. We’ve learnt that it takes a backup every 6 hours, and we would like to decrease that number to a single backup on eod.

We’ve checked in Scheduled Job Type list but couldn’t find it.

Where can we modify core files so we can have only a single backup that runs on end of day?

Thanks guys.

System backup is usually taken 12 midnight

Is there any cron job or custom script you have defined for the backups ??

We don’t have any custom scheduled jobs for such. Frappe does take a mysql-dump every 6 hours :slight_smile:

You can use

crontab -e

And change the value 6 to 24

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Ha, dang it. I was looking inside :sweat_smile:

Thank you!