Decreasing stock at Sales Order


In the current system I have on ERPnext, an item only gets taken out of stock at the point of delivery note. Is there a way I can have this happen when a sales order is created instead?

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Its not good to have it in sales order coz from delivery stock gets reduced automaticaly

Sales Order is not an financial document. It does not pass any ledger entries. You can use Sales Invoice with Update Stock ticked to deduct item when Sales Invoice is made. However, you will not be able to make Delivery Note of this invoice as the item has been deducted.

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First option might be to use “Projected Qty” report which deducts reserved qty from sales orders and shows projected qty.

One alternative might be to use another warehouse for submitted sales orders. You may create a stock entry to transfer goods from default warehouse to (let say) Shipment Warehouse after submitting a sales order. You may create a script to automate this process. Then you can track quantities at different warehouses.

The third option might be to use Delivery Notes instead of Sales Orders. You seem to send every item based on sales order each time. It depends on your use case and sector but you can design a print view for your delivery notes which looks like a sales order. You can send sales order details to your customers from delivery notes which is in draft mode. If there is a deal you can submit it and your stock quantities will reflect that. You can add a “Delivered” checkbox to track status of the delivery note. You may also utilize the transporter info like “NOT SHIPPED” or “DELIVERED” etc. Possibilities are endless.