Deduct the PayPal Fee from the Payment

Hi Everyone,

I imagine lots of us receive Payments via PayPal. So this must be a common issue and I am wondering how you get around it.

The issue.
PayPal charges a fee per transaction, I support the fee. What that means is that the fee shows up as profit if its not categorized as fee.

Lets explain with an example.
Invoice: $5
Client send Payment of $5 via PayPal
PayPal deducts a fee of $1
Net payment = $4

Now I need to add the payment record into ERPNext, but If I just add one line like;
Type: Sales Invoice
Name: Invoice Number
Outstading: $5
Allocated: $5

Basically it will show in the reports that I earned $5, but in fact I earned $4 because of the Paypal Fee

So how to add the PayPal fee in order for ERPNext to know that $4 went to the bank and $1 went to PayPal.

Note: Before this last ERPNext update, I had s solution that Maxwell Morais came up with.
The solution was, I would add two lines to the payment record, one for the Invoice and another for the PayPal fee. but it seems that can’t be done in the new ERPNext version.

Looking forward to hear how you guys do it.

Hi @Ooops_404,

Please check below link


I tried that, but created an odd ammount in the difference line.
Note: I am receiving the payment in USD, the ain currency is EUR.
This was never an issue before, the ERPnext wout just aept ulticurrency without any issue…

Ok, the issue only happens with currencies that are not the default one

The problem is that the DEDUCTIONS OR LOSS seciton only accepts EUR (my default currency)
Everything is set to USD with the exceptin of this sectino. However the account I am deducting to is set to use USD.

BUG? … or am I missing something?

See attachment.