Deduction on Lates

i have a query how can i deduct lates of an employee based on given below condition

Late Days > 03 : 01 Day Salary Deduction
Late Days > 05 : 02 Days Deduction
Late Days > 06 : 02 Day Salary Deduction
Late Days > 10 : 04 Days Deduction

you need to customized at server script

can you guide me on that or provide server scripts for that

Same scenario i implemented in my case
Late Days = 2 : No Salary Deduction
Late Days = 3 : Half Day Salary Deduction
Late Days = 5 : Half Days Deduction
Late Days = 6 : 1 Day Salary Deduction
so i my case it is multiple of three days will get deducted half day.

is you condtions are corrent like if employee have 4 late mark then one day salary will deduct and if employee have 6 late mark then 2 day salary will deduct and employee have 7 or 8 or 9 late mark then 2 day salary deduct and from 11 onwards 4 days salary deduct , it is correct, as per you conditions?

Yes how to acheive this functionality

in your scenerio there is no pattern as in my scenerio there is a pattern like on 3 late 0.5 days will deducted on 6 late entries 1 days will deducted and so on.

Can you explain is there is a pattern in your scenerio? then i can help?

When do we say an employee is late?
Then :
If an employee is late, there must be a custom field like (Is Late) or use existing field like(Late Entry) in the attendance doctype indicating his lateness and make it checked.
And Can you provide me with examples about Lates scenarios?
So that I can help you properly