Default Accounts not set when COA is Netherlands

I am setting up ERPNext for a company in Netherlands.
Chose Country as Netherlands when I was setting up the account.

Next I imported a set of Items into the system.

  1. Then I proceeded to create a purchase invoice for an Item.

  2. But then its given me an error to setup the “Stock Received But Not Billed” account. (this should have been default)

  3. Hence I proceeded to the company setting to setup this Account but the drop down will not shown any Accounts of type “Stock Received But Not Billed”.

  4. I checked the chart of accounts and it does contain an account of this type.

  5. But do not that the account names are in Dutch in the COA. But Account type is correct.

  6. So I proceeded to create another Account head of type “Stock Received But Not Billed”

  7. After this I was able to setup the default account and proceed.

  8. Again after trying to save the PI, It again gives an error that the Default Inventory Account is not setup.

  9. When I go back to company settings, its the same for all the default accounts. None is set. Will have to create the same for all accounts.

So my question is, that for Netherlands COA, why do we have to set all the default accounts and not set outright like the Indian COA?

Has anyone encountered this before.