Default BOM not working

I have 3-4 BOM for single item, but only one is submitted BOM-001 and set to Default and Active, rest BOM (002 and 003)are saved as Draft. Now issue is, when I am creating Production Order for this Item it is picking latest BOM (003), instead of Default BOM (001).

Does anyone has solution for this.

As you said BOM 003 is in draft. In the Production Order, only Submitted BOM can be selected. Please submit all the BOMs, check one as default and then check in Production Order.

I understand your point, what I am saying. By default Production Order should pick my submitted and default BOM which is only BOM-001.

Please clear ,what is priority of BOM on Production Order level.

I guess it is bug

Please check Item master, manufacturing section. If you check any BOM as default, the ID of Default BOM is updated in the Item master as well. Ensure that correct BOM’s ID is updated in the Item master. If no, then check/uncheck default BOM field in the relevant BOMs and then check in the Item master once again.

Hi, thanks for hint. In my case Item master has correct BOM as default. So as you suggested, I check/uncheck default BOM field and It works fine. Now Production Order is picking correct BOM.

May be, as you also notice some functionality need to re-check. So its work error free