Default delivery warehouse

hello, when creating a sales order usually people should choose the delivery warehouse
how if i want to choose a default delivery warehouse for all items,
like for example i choose 1 item and directly it writes delivery warehouse by default, a 2nd item and so on…
does anyone know the solution for this , as far as i know it is JavaScript i guess but i don’t know the labels to access delivery warehouse, so any help ??


There is a provision in item master to set default warehouse under inventory section. If warehouse is defined, then sales order picks up delivery warehouse automatically.

If “Default warehouse” field in item master is left blank, then while saving SO a validation is thrown saying “Delivery warehouse required for stock item”. You can manually add while making SO.

In v11, there is child table to select company and warehouse.

Update your master to reflect data correctly before customizations.

this is a good approach, but unfortunately i’m using v9 ,
and it’s shown in this way in stock settings

and the default warehouse is chosen but still when i navigate to sales order and choose an item i will still need to choose a delivery warehouse
any ideas about that?


  • Go to Item list >> Open an Item

  • Mark item as Maintain Stock.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


thank you man , i thought of a different approach but as it’s already here i’ll use this one , cheers!

is there a way to auto-set the default by default? I’m adding new items externally by direct insert to db and I’m not sure how to also set this while at it. Nowadays I need to click-through each new item and add the default warehouse manually, which maybe is not enough extra work to defeat the whole purpose, but is silly anyway. :slight_smile:

I have those selected for an item and it still complains in the shopping cart checkout process for the CLIENT of the webshop this: “Delivery warehouse required for stock item…”
First of all the system should not tell these to third parties like clients in the checkout process, secondly we have warehouse set up for the item and it still complains it. This is version ERPNext: v11.1.4 (master), Frappe Framework: v11.1.4 (master).