Default Desk background

Is possible set a default image to background desk? Then all background of users will be configured with this by default too.

Hi @Leonardo_Augusto,

there is currently no feature to apply a background picture to all current and future users. Each user can set his/her background. The default is no picture but a color. This can be customised in case you branch a personal branch, e.g. see Can't Change Desktop Background Style - #2 by lasalesi

You could consider running a bulk job on the user to set the picture… this would not affect new users (unless repeated)…

Hope this helps.

Hello @lasalesi,

Thank you for the answer :wink:

Hello @Leonardo_Augusto

Here is a simple solution to every new user, go on Personalize Form and set default to background_image like in this screenshot:

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Thanks for hint! @applepipe
But the background is blank now, maybe the problem is the path to file.
Follow path to file on os:


Tried on display default field:



I think this doesn’t work on /private, just on /files

@applepipe Still trying here, did worked with you?

Yes it is, I’m using this config for 2 years now, if you need more help you can PM me, I’m brazilian too

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Worked! Thank you @applepipe

Is just upload the file and see what’s URL on file form:

On V11, we cannot do this… The return message from customize form for user is “Core DocTypes cannot be customized.”