Default Entry Type in JV


When I select make payment after submitting sales invoice, JV screen opens with default entry type “Bank entry”. Is it possible to change entry type to Cash entry and in jv detail second line as Cash ODL.


There is payment mode option in Sales invoice you have to just select “Mode of Payment” for that Cash or cheque whatever you required.
After selecting this you can get cash entry in JV

Thanks for your time. I have done following steps.

1 - I entered default account cash for mode of payment cash
2 - I selected mode of payment cash in sales invoice.
3 - When I select payment after submitting invoice from invoice menu, system select entry type “bank entry” in journal entry form. I need here entry type “cash” because most of our receipts are in cash.

Please look at the screen shots.


Hey @Zahid.Butt,
For this situation i think you need to little bit involve into Coding ground.
Please Looked into “def get_payment_entry” this function of here you need change as per your requirement.

Nishant Jariwala

Ok, thanks.