Default holiday list per company

Hi all,

As I enter the 2016 Holidays into the system I realized that setting a default only works if you have one company. In our case, we have offices in the US and India. The indian holidays are different than the US ones for obvious reasons. What I propose would be to have defaults linked to company. So when creating a holiday list, select which company it belongs to, that way the correct users will be auto assigned to the correct list of holidays for accurate calculation in time off.

I can submit as a PR in git if needed, thanks!


@DrTrills, will be awesome for the community if you contribute with a PR;

Maintain the Holiday by company make a full of sense, since you can keep the control of holidays, by “Country”, “Province” and “City” by company location.

@max_morais_dmm glad youre in support. I will see how far I get, currently traveling for work so time isnt so free/internet connection isnt the best.

@DrTrills do send a pull-request, we are happy to help contributors!